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EKEN Sports Camera-Enjoy Its Fascination

As the name shows, it’s a camera dedicated to sports. Although our intelligent mobile phone possess the function to take the HD video, sometimes it may not convenient to use the telephone to take a photo or video. For example, the phone can’t take the portable video and it doesn’t have the waterproof function. Thus, if you want to record the moment when you are travelling or doing the sport, it needs to rely on more professional equipment.

The requirement of the sports camera

·Lightness. In general, the sports camera need to be worn in the body, so the sense of weight can’t be too much heavier. Most of the products in the market are around 100g.

·Three anti(Waterproof/dust-proof/crash). The protection level depends on the technique of the manufacturers.

·Shooting clear. Sports camera shooting depends mainly on the master chip, image sensor and lens. If only consider the factor of high pixel, it may not shoot clear.

·The colorful accessories. Only the accessories is colorful can we tie the camera to our head, fix it on the bike or wear it on the dog to take the shocked video. In a word, it can show its fascination when we liberate our hands.

·Outstanding anti-shake function.

·Simple operating way.

In summary, the camera is a small, portable, waterproof, shock-proof camera. This kind of sports camera was widely on extreme sport (Surfing, skiing, limit biking and parachuting) usage. In the area of the sports camera, GoPro had always occupied the top one. However, the traditional video equipment manufacturers have begun to launch a variety of portable camera products with their own different characteristics.

Next, we’ll suggest some reliable camera for you. EKEN, a high-tech company specializing in designing and manufacturing innovative products of Action Cameras and Car DVRs, provides comprehensive, customized solutions to customers, won a leading reputation in electronic and technology industries.

The comparison of EKEN H8 PRO and EKEN H8 Plus

Eken H8 Pro features the Sony IMX078 image sensor, while Eken H8 Plus is equipped with Sony IMX117. Both of them feature the new Ambarella A12S75 chipset, which allows to record true videos and to shoot 12MP photos.

Both the Eken H8 Pro and Plus have two displays, one large rear 2″ where we can see what is in the frame and change settings or review videos and photos recorded, and one small front screen where we can see the recording time, mode, and the resolution in use. The rear screen is no touch screen in any of the two versions. H8 Plus has also a gyro stabilizer or EIS (electronic image stabilizer).

Both the H8 Plus and H8 Pro are supplied with a remote control, and have a 1050mAh battery which can record about an hour at 4K resolution @ 30fps and 1080p @ 60fps. You can find additional batteries for less than 10 $. The videos are stored on a micro SD card up to 32GB. They also have WiFi, EZ app to control the cam via the phone, micro HDMI and micro USB output.

Upgrade Your Hearing Protection

If you shoot often for fun, competition, or during hunting season, you put your ears at risk every single time. Being able to hear what is taking place in your surroundings without the loud sounds of the guns when shells are going through them is a very good idea. The right fit with electronic ear plugs for shooting also makes a huge difference.

Stay in Place

Most ear protection items are the same size and there is no room for variations. However, not everyone has the same size of ears so that means they don’t always fit well. With small ears, they are going to fall out easily as there is too much of it that actually doesn’t fit within the ear. For larger ears, not all of the sounds are blocked and that means hearing loss vulnerability.

You can count on electronic ear plugs for shooting to stay in place because they are custom made to fit your own ears. It doesn’t matter if they are a common size, smaller than average, or larger than average. The first time you wear them, you will immediately notice the difference in how they feel and how they fit.

They are designed to stay in place so you can move around freely and not have to worry about it. You don’t want to worry about losing a hearing protector when you are in the wild hunting or at the shooting range. You don’t want to be disqualified from a competition because you don’t have ear protection in place.

Terrific Gift

If you know someone who shoots often, it can be hard to get them a great gift they can use on the range. However, you can’t go wrong with electronic ear plugs for shooting. They will appreciate such a thoughtful and personalized gift from you. At the same time, you can feel great knowing your gift is going to help preserve their hearing for the long term.

While electronic ear plugs for shooting do cost more than your typical ear plugs, they are worth the investment. They are made from materials that will last for a very long time. They are also going to work much better than anything you have used before. Since you haven’t tried this upgrade, you don’t know what you are missing.

However, once you try them, you will never go back to anything else! You can’t put a price tag on overall safety measures and protecting your hearing. A set of them costs far less than going to a specialist about your hearing and paying for hearing aids down the road.

Be Selective

Since electronic ear plugs for shooting are in high demand right now, there are plenty of providers getting on board. You need to be selective though and ensure you buy a product that will last and perform. Avoid those cheap imitations out there from providers just trying to make some fast cash.

Explore the reputation of the provider and ask questions. Make sure you know what you are paying for. If you aren’t confident the business is doing all they can to deliver an exceptional product, you need to keep looking. Some providers offer a great warranty, and that is encouraging as it shows they stand by what they offer.